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It's videos like these that are the reason why we are working so hard. To see our rescued animals finally cuddling and kissing after years in captivity is the most beautiful outcome of our rescue missions. Support our work!

Lulu, Lili and Lac in their outdoor enclosure

The three little juvenile bears at our BEAR SANCTUARY Ninh Binh, Lulu, Lili and Lac, were rescued from extremely difficult circumstances in Vietnam. After months of careful trust-building work between caretakers and bears (plus copious amounts of honey) - we have seen a significant positive change in these little bears. They are happy and playful and curious, with incredible enthusiasm towards all their daily enrichment. Read more about them!

Happy Orangutans in our Care

The orangutans at the ORANGUTAN FOREST SCHOOL are all orphans who tragically lost their mothers at human hands. With the love and dedication of FOUR PAWS' caretakers they have the chance to learn the vital skills they need to one day return to their home in the wild. As you can see in this video our orangutans have a lot of fun learning and playing in the forest. But their journey to the wild is a long one! We need your help to give them the best possible chance! Please donate to the orphans of the ORANGUTAN FOREST SCHOOL!

No boredom at FOUR PAWS' Big Cat Centre TIERART

You can see the changes from when our tigers were rescued from private keeping to their new lives at one of our Big Cat Centres like TIERART. We create special occupation opportunities so that the animals stay occupied. Its our mission to give these animals a life that is as happy as possible. To support our rescue centre in TIERART, click here.

Masoud & Terez in their new outdoor enclosure

The two little 6-month-old lion cubs were released into their very own outdoor enclosure! Find out how they are today in their new home at FELIDA Big Cat Sanctuary here.

Ben's new beginnings

Ben spent his whole life in a small cage in a backyard. All he could see were bars and concrete walls. In December 2019, FOUR PAWS Viet rescue team rescued Ben and brought him to our BEAR SANCTUARY Ninh Binh. Now Ben can finally be a proper bear! He is still exploring his new life with caution and his greatest interest is definitely his food. As soon as Ben feels safer in his new environment, he will be released into a large outdoor enclosure. Support his new beginnings here.

Tikam at TIERART

Tikam’s time in private keeping is now in the past and he can finally enjoy a species-appropriate life at TIERART Wild Animal Sanctuary. He seems to always be hungry, but who wouldn’t be if you are constantly on the move? Tikam is one curious fellow, playful and explores his enclosures down to the smallest corner. Read his story!

The socialisation of Gjina & Pashuk in BEAR SANCTUARY Prishtina

When we rescue bears from bad keeping conditions, we frequently receive the question from you whether the bears will be living in separate enclosures forever. At first, many of the bears need some time to get adjusted to their new circumstances, but we’re always hoping that most of them will be ready for socialisation with another bear at some point. This was the case with Pashuk and Gjina too. Both bears were rescued from horrible conditions in Albania. Our animal keepers at BEAR SANCTUARY Prishtina were keeping a close eye on the bears’ behaviour and decided to introduce them to each other when they considered them ready. Everything went according to plan, and they enjoy playing together in their new, big home which they can now share happily. Two separate stories that are headed for a joint happy ending now! Many bears in Albania are still suffering! Read more #savethesaddestbears

Happy Bear

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Tiger at TIERART

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