big cats

Did you know the tiger is the largest big cat? Then comes the lion? Lions are the only representatives of the cat family to live and hunt in a pack. Tigers, on the other hand, are usually solitary. Their strikingly striped markings make them unique – and provide the perfect camouflage for the undergrowth.     

Learn about the animal welfare issues these cats face and how FOUR PAWS is committed to helping lions and tigers, and other types of big cats, worldwide. 

Did you know?

two lions

Big cats in zoos

Animal suffering on display


Worldwide Circus Bans US

Countries, states, cities and towns have started restricting the use of wild animals in circuses 

tamer and tiger

Wild Animals in Entertainment

Animal suffering on tour

young lion

Wild Animals Are Not Pets

Species-appropriate keeping is impossible from an animal welfare standpoint

two lions - canned hunting

Trophy Hunting

Every year, hunters from Europe and the United States travel to Africa to participate in “trophy hunting,” the act in which hunters bring home dead animals to display as trophies and souvenirs on their walls. 


how they're suffering and what we're doing to end it

FOUR PAWS is lobbying to alter legislation and achieve lasting change for the better. We also rescue lions and tigers kept in bad conditions in captivity.  

the tiger trade

Trade with living tigers and with tiger products must be stopped!

two lions - canned hunting

Canned Lion Hunting

Born to be killed: lion hunting in South Africa


Shutting down Safari Park Zoo in Fier, Albania

#NoMoreFierZoo – FOUR PAWS evacuates wild animals from 'Europe's worst zoo'

Löwe in einem Zoo nahe der syrischen Stadt Aleppo

Mission to Syria

13 animals are given a second chance at life


Mission to Gaza

2016 | Zoo animals brought safely out of Gaza


Stop the tiger trade!

Help us to save this species from extinction.


four paws big cat sanctuaries

Big Cat Sanctuary LIONSROCK

A species-appropriate home for more than 100 rescued animals

Geretteter Tiger aus Syrien genießt die Abendsonne in FELIDA

FELIDA Big Cat Centre

An intensive care rescue center for big cats


Big Cat Centre TIERART

An animal-friendly sanctuary of all shapes and sizes!